Wookie Cookie Monster Shirt

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Wookie Cookie Monster Shirt

Wookie Cookie Monster Shirt – Click Image


Now what starts with the letter C?

Cookie starts with C

Let’s think of other things

That starts with C

Oh, who cares about the other things?

C is for cookie, and wookie want cookie.

W is for wookie, and wookie want cookie.

C is for cookie, and wookie want cookie.

Oh, wookie, wookie, wookie want cookie.

Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C.

Wookie Cookie Monster Shirt

Chimpin’ Ain’t Easy Shirt

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Chimpin' Ain't Easy Shirt

Chimpin’ Ain’t Easy Shirt – Click Image

“Come in.” Beckoned a deep voice from behind the door.

I nervously reached for the door knob, turned it with my sweating hand, and attempted to peer into the large room behind it. My eyes began to water as a thick grey smoke billowed out the doorway towards me, carrying with it the scent of stale cigarettes, sweet smelling fruits, and various nuts.

I pushed myself through the smoke into the room, and was soon able to see a dark figure high above me, sitting relaxed on a swing made from a tire.

“What, wait…Your a Chimp?!” I said.

“Chimpin Ain’t easy.” He replied.

Chimpin’ Ain’t Easy Shirt

Astronaut Saturn Swing Ride Shirt

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Astronaut Saturn Swing Ride Shirt

Astronaut Saturn Swing Ride Shirt – Click Image

After these astronauts strapped themselves in front of experimental rockets which contained enough fuel to blow up some towns, then hurtled themselves at tens of thousands of miles per hour with millions of pounds thrust into space, first towards the sun, then circling the sun to increase speed tenfold for the journey across the solar system, so fast no human can focus on anything but distant stars, yet still needing to avoid various objects before the final arrival into orbit around Saturn, a once distant planet. In relation to all that, the time spent on Saturn itself was comparatively boring and uneventful.

Most days on Saturn were spent reading the same gauges, and doing the same tests, there was really not all that much to do. Until one day when the astronauts got the brilliant idea of fixing lines with hooks to some of the largest rocks in Saturn’s Rings. Then the most stellar ride of spinning swings ever to exist began.

Weeeeee !

Astronaut Saturn Swing Ride Shirt

Pac-Man Planet Eater Shirt

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Pac-Man Planet Eater Shirt

Pac-Man Planet Eater Shirt – Click Image

In the early days of Pac Man, Pac was always contained within a ROM chip. Now and then he would be released from the ROM to run around a maze eating various sorts of pellets for a while until either the power was cut, or the game would reset him back to the chip.
Pac Man’s life continued like this for decades, although moving from one platform to another, he was contained to short bursts of feeding frenzies. However with the popularization of the internet an online version of Pac Man was launched. This new Pac Man knew no bounds, he was not limited by time, and was able to continue his feeding frenzy until today.
The uncontrolled calorie intake of Pac over the years eventually grew him into a massive monstrosity, and as he grew so did his appetite, the exponential growth of his all consuming mass is now beyond containment or control. Our solar system will be the first to fall, but no where in the universe will be safe for long.

Pac-Man Planet Eater Shirt

Painting A Rubik’s Cube Tee

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Painting A Rubik's Cube Shirt

Painting The Cube Shirt – Click Image

The following is an actual fact, and should not be confused with what you might learn in school or on Wikipedia.

Rubik’s Cubes are in fact made in gigantic warehouses and require full grown men on ladders to paint them, as can be seen in the images on the left.

Once the cube is fully painted, the large cubes, which are made from “Shrinky Dinks” plastic, are then placed in a very large oven where they are shrunk for a varying amount of time, depending if the desired outcome is a highly respectable full sized cube, or one of those silly little baby Rubik’s Cubes the highly addicted like to put their keys on in a lame attempt to make them look useful, and then shamefully hide in their pockets so you can’t see them, but we all still know they are there, since the owners have such twitchy fingers.

Painting The Cube Shirt