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Winners get to pick any in stock shirt from one of the hundreds of t-shirt designs in your preferred size and color, on our main website here:

Planetary Bargains

We will even pay for the shipping!

This contest is only available to Facebook users living in the following regions:

European Union
New Zealand
United Kingdom

A winner will be selected randomly at the start of the first week in August 2012, their name will be posted here, and we will also contact them directly on Facebook for the desired design, size, color, and the address for us to send the shirt.

Good Luck !

Measuring Life in T-Shirt Hours

I read an opinion the other day,  that when you grow up, you should put the t-shirts away, buy a shirt with a collar, and get a job.  This really is a sad reality for most people, as  there are just so few decent paying jobs that allow t-shirts.

I like to wear t-shirts though, they are more comfortable than collars and I can get interesting ones that others don’t have.

After childhood it seems that usually only on weekends and holidays can you still enjoy a full day in a T-Shirt, and of course in retirement, these are the times in your life when you are your most free. Freedom to wear a T-Shirt. The rest of the time you are usually working away for the big corporate grinding wheel in your silly collar and tie.  In a world where you are forced to wear a tie, productiveness becomes more important than comfort. and you might find the freedom to start a conversation,  get a drink,  eat, or even visit the washroom the moment you feel a desire to is gone.

I would say most of us can measure the amount of true freedom we have in our life by how many T-Shirt hours we get to experience.

However,  a collar, tie, and job are all better than being unemployed and wishing you had a job. After all, employment is really not all that bad, there is usually a lot of socializing, company parties and other things.

But you lose the freedom and comfort of a T-Shirt.

Pink Floyd – The Wall – Full Movie HQ – Live Stream

Wow look what I found yesterday, some good soul decided to put the entire Pink Floyd – The Wall movie on the Internet.

By the way if you didn’t know, Pink Floyd is awesome. There is a reason that their album the Dark Side of the Moon is the most sold album of all time.

This movie seems to tap right into the core of some people’s souls.

A fantastic story with of course incredible music, and some very amazing animation, it is the type of movie you love, but at the end you still might wonder what it was all about, so you watch it again. I have now watched it so many times I think I know it very well and understand at least 90% of it.

Here it is Pink Floyd, the Wall, watch it before someone takes it down for copyright infringement.

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