Building Your Internet Presence – Important SEO Basics

I have been sitting here feeling the need to write a new post for this Blog for a few weeks now, though I have started nearly twenty new articles. I have yet to finish any of them, so I decided to tell you all why I am pushing out this new, non interesting SEO article.

The initial point of this Blog was to bring more people to the money making parts of the website where we sell a great selection of T-Shirts and other things. One of the most important  free ways  to bring traffic to the website, is to grow it’s size.

Big massive websites are just easier to find than little tiny ones.

Simply by writing this article I create more  text for the search engines to read, as well as more key phrases Google and the other search engines might look for. This causes us to appear more often in the search results, leading to more visitors.

There are lots of other ways to get traffic, but this way is one of the steadiest, and most consistent.

In addition to more search results,  the links at the top of the page which point back to the main part of the website, might send me a little bit of PageRank “link juice”. Which again will help bring visitors to the website.

Well that is enough for now, this will probably get us only a dozen  new visitors per month or something, possibly for the next few years,  but eventually all these small additions add up.  currently reaches over 120 000 people per year and we expect we will be able to double that next year.

Reclaiming My Digital Images in Google

Building  a successful website these days  is a very difficult task, this is not 1995 anymore and promoting your products against the 5 billion or so other web-pages out there is a time consuming and often painful effort.

When I first started my website, I wanted very badly to promote my items, and one of the best ways to do this is to submit your products to auction websites such as EBay.

The nice thing about an established website such as EBay is search engines like Google already know who they are and love them. Anything posted on EBay will end up quite quickly on the first page of search engine results. I love  EBay, I have nothing bad to say, just a warning about what I found out recently with letting other websites show your images, and Google Indexing.

EBay allows a seller of a product one free picture with their posting, and unlimited self hosted images. So I like many others used my free image and then used a bunch of my own images I loading strait from my website.

The problem is that my images had not yet been indexed by Google, but once put on E-Bay, they are indexed very quickly. Google for some reason then identifies those images as belonging to E-Bay, not to your website. This means when a user does an Image search on Google for your item, and they click on your Image, they are brought to EBay’s site instead of being brought to yours.

What I would suggest, for start ups to combat this problem is to make a separate folder for images to be used online by other companies, Google can then index both your website image and the one that they feel belongs to EBay.

After taking my images off all the auction websites recently, Google now identifies that those images belong to me. I recently went from one page of image search results  on Google to approximately ten pages.

The customer traffic has increased by more than triple from image searches since I reclaimed all the images as my own.

Does PageRank Matter? What Does Google PageRank Mean? Will PageRank Get Me More Traffic?

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about Google PageRank, which has compelled to post this article. The general response on forums these days is that PageRank doesn’t matter, but it does, just not probably in the way most think it does.

Let me explain what I know about Pagerank, which is more than most people,  and then  you can decide if Google PageRank  matters to you or not.

What Does Google PageRank Mean?

  • PageRank is the name of Google’s link analysis algorithm, and is a tool used by the Google search engine.
  • PageRank analyses incoming links to a web page and measures its relative importance to the site.
  • PageRank  assigns  values of relevance, and authority to the incoming links, this is to help Google return the best possible, most relevant search results to the search tool users.
  • (Links from sites about dinosaurs to sites that sell televisions are not really relevant are they? PageRank would rate this link very very low)
  • PageRank will  be transferred from the linking web page to the linked to web page, this is often referred to as “Link Juice”.
  • The “Link Juice” can then travel from the linked to web page to any other pages linked off of that page, whether internal or external pages, and then the “Link Juice” will continue to travel from those pages onto all the other pages linked from there etc etc.
  • The “Link Juice” deteriorates every time it travels from one place to another. Pages that link out to other pages actually lose some of their Juice.

Note: The site that links out will still lose some of its PageRank by linking out, even if they use the NoFollow tag.

Does PageRank Matter?

Yes, of course it does, if you want to have more customers from Google for your keywords.

If you are the only one using your Keywords, and have no competition then it won’t matter as much, but everything you type including these words here may come up in a Google search at one point or another.

Will PageRank Get me More Traffic?

Yes, more traffic from Google, but how much more will depend on your site and keywords etc.

If there are many Websites with exactly the same relevance score for a particular keyword a customer is searching for, and you have the highest PageRank, you will usually be at the top of the search results. If you have the lowest you will generally be at the bottom of the search list.

To demonstrate this I will search Google for the word “The” (Obviously one of the most common words on the internet.)

Google Search for The

If you hade a PageRank of 10, you might make the top result for “The”

Results 1 – 10 of about 10,110,000,000 for The



You will notice the first results are always going to be very high PageRank, but not necessarily the highest because Google takes relevance into the equation.

The top four results here are PageRank 9, 8, 8, and 8 respectively.

You can see all the top results are of extremely high PageRank, imagine all the visitors  you could have if you had  a PageRank of 10.

Unfortunately I believe only Google has attained PageRank 10.

Is Google PageRank Important?

It certainly is to me, but it isn’t the only important thing in a website, I run a funny t-shirt website,  and decent keywords for funny shirts are extremely competitive.

When I type Funny T-Shirts into Google I get the following message

Results 110 of about 33,500,000 for funny t-shirts.

When I do this, actually gets the top search result, it is just more relevant than, it has a PageRank of 3. Even if I had a PageRank of 5 or 6 I probably still couldn’t beat them for that keyword, but I would certainly move up the list, I am pretty sure if I had a PageRank of 10 I would be on the front page.

How do I Increase PageRank?

  • The more relevant links to your website the higher your PageRank will be.
  • The higher the PageRank of the page that links to you the more “Link Juice” that will be transferred, unless they use the “NoFollow” tag.

So now you will have to decide if it is important to you.

For me personally I wish I had a very high PageRank,  I would get more people to visit it if I did, but if my website is not up to par, they wouldn’t stay very long would they?

You may wonder why my PageRank of my homepage today is only at a two, well that is because I dont have that many incoming links, and at the same time lose all my PageRank by having fifty or so outbound links to the rest of my website. I may actually be higher than two already, but the Google Toolbar is generally months out of date. The low number however doesn’t stop me from getting more than halve a million visitors each year.

If you really want to help, link to me, you know I could use it. After all PageRank does actually matter.

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