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No Weapons Allowed Shirt


This shirt image features a a boy in a Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet, and an orange suit, which could represent prison, carrying a toy gun. The helmet is slumped downwards, shoulders are dropped, and arms are by his side as though to indicate his disappointment and defeat at the police who standing next to the "No Weapons Allowed" sign and barring him from passage.
Although I am not sure what this image is about exactly since I have never spoken to the artist, I believe it to have a few lvls. On the surface there is just a boy with his toys, but a little deeper there is the fact that the toys are war toys, and a bit deeper still how Hollywood promotes war and weapons to children, perhapse to indoctrinate our children into being being "war clones" themselves.

This is where fantasy meets the reality of weapons. To the boy guns are cool toys, to the police they are very dangerous real world things.

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