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Currancy Convertor


This fashionable designer canvas bag features images of various skeletons dancing, playing music, and generally having a very good time. Some are using maracas, some a guitar, some of the skeletons are courting one another, and dancing occasionally on tables with sombreros on.

This bag follows the theme of the Mexican Day Of The Dead which takes place on November first each year in Mexico.

This trendy limited quantity bag features two hand straps as well a matching detachable shoulder-strap, it has an outside zip pocket, as well as a convenient hidden inside one.

We Ship Everywhere. Packages are sent registered air mail. Average shipping time is 8-14 business days depending on the postal schedule and holidays.Shipping charges, are usualy $7-10 USD per bag. Paypal will exchange foreign currancy. You DO NOT require a Paypal membership.

*The outside zip pocket is for decoration purposes only.


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