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Currancy Convertor


Pastel Striped Medium Shoulder Bag

This beautiful high quality shoulder-bag with a detachable shoulder strap can easily be used as a clutch as well. It also has both a backside zip pocket, and an inside zip pocket.


This bag features a fold over top with attractive belt straps as well as a twisting metal latch. The top of the purse is a solid color, the the bottom halve is decorated in very attractive evenly spaced white and colored stripes.


This beautiful high quality bag is only available for a limited time.


We Ship Everywhere. Packages are sent registered air mail. Average shipping time is 8-14 business days depending on the postal schedule and holidays.Shipping charges, are usualy $7-10 USD per bag.

Paypal will exchange foreign currancy.


You DO NOT require a Paypal membership.


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