A Very Inexpensive Way To Travel

A lot of people ask me, how I can afford to travel all the time. The truth is I am not amazingly wealthy, I just don’t spend very much, and save constantly for my next vacation. When I do travel I usually take buses, trains or local boats, and try to avoid expensive transport such as airplanes and cruise ships as much as I can.

Traveling is actually very inexpensive, as long as you can walk, you can travel.

I found out recently though I may have been doing it all wrong, Cathy Barnette from the Today Now show has some travel advice that really would have saved me a lot of money in my life.

I wish I had thought of this.

4 Responses to A Very Inexpensive Way To Travel

  1. XD. Gotta love the Onion.

  2. Ha ha! I’m a big Onion fan, too. This is HILARIOUS! Love the twist at the end, too. Glad you shared!

  3. What the fukc is wrong with people?

  4. WTF??? why would anyone make a report about this crap, Stop being lazy and get up and do something rather then sit on your ass for 8hours pretending, at least when you travel you walk around a bit and not stay in bed all day.

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