And They Just Keep on Marching

Nobody likes bad people. Society for many thousands of years has tried to use religion to teach us our morals, the right from the wrong, and yet they still exist.

The dislike of nasty people is not confined to just the religious societies though, even in non religious societies evil doers are shunned and punished. Modern society has laws to punish the mean hearted among us. After all, if you let a bad guy run around stealing and hurting people, and you don’t lock them up, it could be you, or someone you care about next.

None of us is a true saint, but the best of us try to keep our bad side in check.

After doing the wrong thing, most people will stop in their tracks, realize what they have done, and turn to apologize or try and lessen their crimes. The worst of society however will commit a vile deed, and are happy about the outcome. They don’t consider or care about the hurt they have caused. They don’t stop to think about the damage they have done, there is no guilt to cause them pause. They hide from the truth and think of defenses if they get caught. Often they will get away with it and be free to march towards their next victim.

To all the uncaring jerks that avoided punishment and were able to march away after screwing others over, fleeing from the truth of their wrongful deeds like the chickens that they are, here is my salute to you:

Just Keep Marching Foul Fowls, One Day You Will Stop In Your Tracks.

4 Responses to And They Just Keep on Marching

  1. Janene Murphy

    I hear you. It bakes my cookies when someone spreads their bile and gets away with it, never to look over their shoulders. I keep telling myself they still must be hurting inside though, I admit, some must just be a-holes. Love the video, BTW. I hope they didn’t stuff something up that poor chickens butt to make it walk that way!

  2. @Janene Murphy

    “I hope they didn’t stuff something up that poor chickens butt to make it walk that way!”

    Don’t worry I am pretty sure it was just a really small guy in a chicken costume.

  3. I’ve always found it quite interesting that mean people get the same satisfaction out of being mean that nice ones get out of being nice. I guess it all depends on how you’re built.

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