Mr Jihad T-Shirt – Bearded Bombed and Ready to Blow

Crazy Mr Jihad Shirt

Mr Jihad Shirt Bearded Bombed and Ready to Blow - Click Image $19.99 USD

For too many years now little western children have grown up laughing at Mr Messy. Little Miss Naughty has been used as an example of what not to do, and Little Miss Bad has been seen as a cute joke.

Generally all of the Little People have not been taken seriously by the people of the west.

Now we will give you one Mister character you will not be able to make jokes about, here comes Mr. Jihad.

Yes that is right Infidels we have added a new soldier to our arsenal of little people, and you will have to take it very seriously,  Mr Jihad is on his way.

Lets see you laugh at that !

* Note: Not recommended for airports.

2 Responses to Mr Jihad T-Shirt – Bearded Bombed and Ready to Blow

  1. I used this shirt on the ten year anniversary of 9-11, interesting choice the security guard said, straight to x-ray hahahahahaha

  2. @JahBalOn

    Wow, I would have been interested in seeing the people’s faces as they saw you wearing this shirt.

    There is always some controversy over this tee, personally I like it, though the actions of the Jihadists are by no means funny, it does a very good job of mocking Jihadist beliefs, and in my opinion, they deserve to be mocked. They are about the only group on the planet no one should stick up for.

    Thank you for your comment.

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