“Billy’s” Balloon – A Concerning Fear

When we think of balloons, we usually think of simple multicolored objects of fun. We know that children enjoy them, but we overlook the obvious dangers of the device.

Not only are they made of highly expandable rubber, or latex, which when given to a child is often punctured and exploded, causing dangerous flying debris, possible hearing damage and leaving the child with a choking hazard in his reach, but there are other serious dangers unknown to most of us.

This video shows yet another reason why children should not be left alone with balloons.

Billy’s Balloon

2 Responses to “Billy’s” Balloon – A Concerning Fear

  1. This is, apparently, “The Balloons” version of Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” Vicious little creatures, aren’t they?

  2. @nothingprofound
    I find it amazing the cameraman was able to take the images without the balloons noticing, it is an awful lot like “The Birds”, except of course “The Birds” was just fiction.

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