Please! Bandit Squirrel Acorn Robbery Shirt

Bandit Squirrel Please Shirt

Please Shirt – Click on Image

One full moon lit night, in my old wild west town, while on the way back home with dinner, I began to hear an unusual stirring in the trees, that did not match the usual evening breeze.

I sat up on my hind legs and turned my ears, something was making my whiskers tickle.

Out of the side of my left eye, I thought I saw a shadowy form drop from a tree.Then a tumble weed began rolling out towards me, there seemed to be something pacing itself inside of it.

Out jumped a squirrel with a bandits mask and a gun, demanding my acorn, I refused. I would not give up my beloved nut.

The bandit began swirling his hands in the air towards me, and I could see pixie dust like stars in the air around him. Getting brighter, and brighter, just when I thought he would explode, he spoke the magic word. “Please”.

I dropped the acorn and ran.

Please Squirrel Shirt

There once was a squirrel named Earl
who liked to wear short skirts and twirl
the girls got excited
and tried hard to hide it
but when men looked upon it they hurled

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror
On The wall.
Your backwards light
reveals all.

From my feet
until my head,
don’t show me flaws
it’s what I dread.

Heart Of A Gamer

Gamer's Heart

Heart Of A Gamer Shirt – Click Image

I have one thing special,
that sets me apart,
something is different,
when it comes to my heart.

For if I feel passion,
or am gripped by fear,
rather than heart beats,
it’s vibrations I hear.

My life is a mission,
to save all the earth,
as dangers are plenty,
I prove my great worth.

I will reach max power,
and targets will fear,
their instant destruction,
as I’m coming near.

With this great difference,
I knew from the start,
life is just awesome,
for a gamer at heart.

Heart Of A Gamer Shirt

Bling Che Guevara Rap – Funny Che Shirt

Rapping Che Shirt

Bling Che Shirt – Click Image

You come with me,
and we’ll move to the next border.
The Man is after me,
cuz I fought the world order.

They say that I am a baddie,
cause I kicked their ass,
I stopped their fund delivery,
diminished their stash.

They thought they should control us,
and that’s why we fought.
I now support their enemies,
just to piss em off.

Take the system break it down,
break it, break it, break it down.
I’m guna break it down,
break it, break it, break it down.


Bling Che Shirt

Go The Fok To Sleep – Reading by Samuel L Jackson

Next time you or someone you love are having a hard time sleeping, please consider listening to Samuel L Jackson soothing voice as he lulls you and your children to sleep with some lovely stories of sparrows, sleeping tigers, flowers, and mountains.

A book titled Go The Fok To Sleep by Adam Mansbach

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