Something, somewhere went terribly wrong – Funny T-Shirt

Something, Somewhere Went Terribly Wrong Funny Evolution Parody Tee

Funny Something, somewhere went terribly wrong Shirt - Click Image $17.99

Man has come a long way since he first came down from the trees and started to spend his time walking on the earth.

First it is predicted of course he was on all fours most of the time like most of the great apes.

As he began to stand upright he started to use his now free hands to carry tools he would make.

First things like knives which he could use for cutting plants to make clothing and houses. As well as fashioning weapons.

Then onwards into manufacturing farming equipment.

But Somewhere something went terribly wrong.

You can see by the design man constantly progressed upwards into a fully erect state, but then recently with the invention of the computer, we are again progressing downwards.

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Egg Angel Shirt – Funny Egg to Chick Angel Tee – Baby Chicken Ghost

Egg to Baby Chick Angel Tee

Funny Egg to Baby Chicken Angel Shirt- Click Image $17.99

Day in day out people are eating eggs.

Of all the things most people do in their lives, cracking an egg is probably one of the most common.

Recently a French photographer named Louise La Francious was on a photographic assignment to Tuktoyaktuk Canada, where he took this amazing photograph of the actual moment where the egg seemed to release a spirit.

This could be disturbing to some people that eggs actually contain these little chicken spirits, but as you can see from the photograph the little chick actually looks quite happy, and the halo on his head shows the little guy is on his way up to  heaven.

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Where Rainbows Come From Shirt

Ever Wonder Where Rainbows Come From ?

Where Rainbows Come From Funny Shirt- Click Image $17.99

I have spent most of my life wondering about the real origin of rainbows, it didn’t make sense to me that light traveling through particles of water could have a “prism effect” splitting the various colors into different beams of light.

One day I came across this particular cloud which seamed more made of alcohol than water

He mumbling something about, “I will never drink again.”

“Oh please help me, just this once, I will never do it again”

And to my astonishment made this wonderful rainbow display.

This is where rainbows really come from.

There was also a little guy in green running around at the bottom of the rainbow trying to catch the gold colored light in his little pot, and ran away after sipping a bit of it shouting “You cant have me gold!”

Unfortunately I couldn’t get his picture.

Submarine Finds “The Plug” Humerous T-Shirt

This is what was found at the very bottom of the Ocean Floor.

This is what was found at the very bottom of the Ocean Floor.- Click Image $17.99

There has been a lot of exploring of the worlds oceans these days. With new technology people have been able to travel all the way to the deepest parts of the ocean.

Although there has been a lot of deep trench diving recently, and there has been a lot of exploring along the bottom of the sea, only recently did a submarine arrive at the very bottom of the ocean floor.

Upon reaching this deepest darkest depths of the explorable earth, this is the site they were greeted with.

As you can see at the very bottom of the ocean there is a very large plug.

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Hamburger’s Revenge Funny T-Shirt

Finnaly The Hamburger Gets Back At The Clown

Finnaly The Hamburger Gets Back At The Clown - Click Image $17.99

For the greater part of the last century clowns have been trying to make people eat the poor hamburger.

They dance around in their funny hair and red noses, smiling as though hamburger eating is actually something to be considered as fun.

Recently there have been a few independent thinking  hamburgers that have decided not to just wait in the freezer like passive lambs,  for one of the clown’s puppets to come and fry or flame broil him.

The time has come for a hamburger revolution. The time has come for revenge.

Empowered hamburgers all over the globe are lashing out at their clown captors and taking their life into their own hands.

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I think the picture speaks for itself. We hope you enjoy the shirt.

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