Chimpin’ Ain’t Easy Shirt

Chimpin' Ain't Easy Shirt

Chimpin’ Ain’t Easy Shirt – Click Image

“Come in.” Beckoned a deep voice from behind the door.

I nervously reached for the door knob, turned it with my sweating hand, and attempted to peer into the large room behind it. My eyes began to water as a thick grey smoke billowed out the doorway towards me, carrying with it the scent of stale cigarettes, sweet smelling fruits, and various nuts.

I pushed myself through the smoke into the room, and was soon able to see a dark figure high above me, sitting relaxed on a swing made from a tire.

“What, wait…Your a Chimp?!” I said.

“Chimpin Ain’t easy.” He replied.

Chimpin’ Ain’t Easy Shirt

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  1. Haha, this is classic, going to buy one for my brother.

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