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Funny Disco UFO Shirt

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The other day, I was strutting my stuff through the forest, there were no other people around, but the animals all knew what a cool dude was walking in their woods.

Animals can sense cool.

It was getting dark and there were stars in the sky, I thought they looked groovy so I pointed up at them, and said. “Hey there little stars” Then kept on walking.

As I began to reach my peak of cool for the evening. One of the stars seemed to descend down from the night sky.

When it got closer, I noticed it was really this funky looking spaceship, it had all these wicked lights coming off it, and was making sounds that had a really cool disco rhythm.

The tunes and lights were almost hypnotic, so I began to dance to the beat of the Disco UFO.

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6 Responses to Disco UFO Shirt – Funny Disco UFO T-Shirt To Buy Online

  1. I LOVE this shirt! What a great design! I’ve got it bookmarked and will return on payday. All of your shirt designs are just awesome. What a fabulous little gem!

  2. @Natalina E.I.
    Thanks a ton Natalie, really appreciate the comments.

  3. Video sharing websites

    Yea i love the UFO design – would be really cool if u made one that glows in the dark!

  4. @Video sharing websites
    Thanks for the comment, your right some glow in the dark on the lights might be really cool, maybe when we make a new batch!

  5. Woah, your shirts rock. Err, disco I mean. Really great designs PB.

  6. @joe
    Thanks Joe,

    I do like this shirt very much, but do not take credit for creating the design.

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