E.T. Bicycle Disaster Tee

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Funny E.T. Elliot Moon Shirt

E.T. Bicycle Disaster Shirt Click Image $19.99

Elliott could never have imagined, even just weeks ago, that he would be in such a position. He never knew as he rode through the forest that day, with his extra terrestrial friend, that he would suddenly lift off the ground into flight.

As Elliott and E.T. continued to fly through the night sky, Elliott’s excitement grew and grew, he just really could not believe, or understand exactly what was going on. He did not understand that E.T. who sat in the basket on the front of the bike appearing calm, was concentrating on the difficult task at hand of transporting the pair and the bicycle through the night sky.

Eventually Elliot’s excitement overwhelmed him, he believed he could fly, he believed he could touch the sky, he spread his wings to try and fly away, then Elliott confidently leaped from the bike. E.T. lost concentration, and the once dreamy moment became a nightmarish disaster.

Funny E.T. Bicycle Moon Shirt

  1. Big D
    Jun 6th, 2013 at 12:08
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    Brilliant and funny.

    • PBScott
      Jun 7th, 2013 at 00:49
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      Thanks Big D,

      Always nice to find someone who shares my sense of humor.

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