Egg Angel Shirt – Funny Egg to Chick Angel Tee – Baby Chicken Ghost

Egg to Baby Chick Angel Tee

Funny Egg to Baby Chicken Angel Shirt- Click Image $17.99

Day in day out people are eating eggs.

Of all the things most people do in their lives, cracking an egg is probably one of the most common.

Recently a French photographer named Louise La Francious was on a photographic assignment to Tuktoyaktuk Canada, where he took this amazing photograph of the actual moment where the egg seemed to release a spirit.

This could be disturbing to some people that eggs actually contain these little chicken spirits, but as you can see from the photograph the little chick actually looks quite happy, and the halo on his head shows the little guy is on his way up to  heaven.

This is a fairly new t-shirt for us, it has done quite well, we had it on Digg for a while and it was very well received.

We hope you enjoy the shirt.

You can click on the image to see more Photographs or purchase the shirt.

9 Responses to Egg Angel Shirt – Funny Egg to Chick Angel Tee – Baby Chicken Ghost

  1. Do all chickens go to heaven ?

  2. Most chickens do, but chickens that have slept with Gonzo the Great do not.

    Gonzo was reported last October to have slept with an estimated 10 000 chickens so far in his career. Gonzo himself says this is an overestimate, but sources close to him say the actual numbers could be somewhat larger.

    Apparently all “Gonzo Chickens” suffer an eternal roast. This helps to create the eternal suffering for all residens of hell, because all though the roasted chicken smell makes mouths water and stomachs ache, they are never completely roasted, and ready to eat.

  3. Can chicken tickle us and we tickle it back?

  4. Although it is legal for a chicken to tickle you, you are not in turn aloud to tickle the chicken back, this goes against the Kentucky Consensual Chick Law of 1812, which states:

    “No chicken under 18 years of age may be touched in humorous ways, even when consent is given or implied.”

    This makes legal chicken tickling nearly impossible due to the average life of a healthy and free chicken is approximately 15 years.

    Recently though due to the stem cell research funded by the Gonzo Foundation, some chickens have been known to live between 20-25 years. Thus becoming legal.

    Some say ticking using gloves and other means will bypass the age requirements, but this is untrue, in the case of Gonzo Vs Foghorn Leghorn, even though Gonzo covered himself in full body latex, he was still held liable for inappropriate touching. To avoid jail time, Gonzo settled out of court for an undisclosed sum of money.

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