Epic Dubstep Robot Man

When listening to a really great tune as I work on the computer here, I often find myself tapping my fingers or feet to it’s rhythm, sometimes I even get up and dance for a while, I just can’t stop myself. I have danced about as long as I can remember, and am also pretty sure I danced before all my memories in my diapers when I was a baby.

Dancing was a pretty big part of socializing for me growing up, through elementary school it was part of our Physical Education curriculum, and my class was even on TV for dancing once when I was eight. From the age of about twelve until eighteen there were a few school dances each year. I found I had a great time, and even made a few girlfriends during them.

For some reason though, when I hit about 15, I became self conscious about dancing. Some of the guys had learned moves I hadn’t that were causing many of the teenage girls to watch them and cheer, I did not know the fancy spins, moonwalks, waves, and other such things that a few of them could do. So during the following summer, I ended up taking a few dance classes, some break dancing and other types of dance. I got pretty good at dancing, and I felt confident enough to dance freely again once I was on a dance floor, and was again able to woo some ladies.

My dancing seemed to get better as I got older, I understood music much better, and confidence was not an issue. Sometime during my late twenties, I even started dancing to separate beats with my upper and lower body, and dancing to offbeats and other such things. I can still do that of course today, and the girls always seemed to love it, as was my goal.

However, I think that time of my great dancing confidence has just come to an end, after watching the video below, “Epic Dubstep Robot Man” may have just moved the bar up so high, I am not sure if I will ever be able to reach it.

Have a look.

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  1. Dance is such a natural expression of ourselves, I love how babies master unique movements without any knowledge and effort. This was a classic video! I used to participate in dance events at school, and really enjoyed them.

  2. @SprigBlossoms
    Thanks for the comment SB,

    Yes, it really is amazing how babies like to dance, it is too bad most people do less of it once they get older.

  3. Ugh. I just HATED it when all of that self-consciousness stuff started. Life just wasn’t as much fun after that. That guy is pretty amazing, BTW. Whoa.

  4. @Janene
    Hi Janene, good to see you

    Yes, life was defiantly no fun once I started worrying about what others thought, thank goodness once I got a bit older I learned I didn’t need to care so much.

    The guy had rubber bone implants, and wheels in his shoes I think, it’s the only thing that could explain that.

  5. That is so awesome! Yeah he does set the bar pretty high. I can cut a rug, but I’m nowhere near this guy’s level.

  6. @Houston Prom DJ
    The guy either has some freakishly mad skills for sure, or some kind of time machine and cyborg implants, I am not sure yet. I figure if I sit here for a few more days thinking about it I will eventualy know.

  7. Awesome

  8. @Pooja Singh
    The video also left me in a state of some awe

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