Mentos And Coke Experiment Gone Wrong

I clicked on this one by accident on MSN today, and thought I would share this with you, have a watch of the video below.

It’s all fun and games until someone breaks a camera…Excuse the Russian, it seems MSN in Russia has much shorter commercials.

Having been a part of several similar stupid things in my life, I am often amazed how many objects seem to find their way into either someones crotch or face. Chance sometimes seems to have a sense of humor.

6 Responses to Mentos And Coke Experiment Gone Wrong

  1. Janene Murphy

    Ha ha! Why is it so funny when the cameraman gets it? Regardless, it always is. Good one. Thanks for giving me a laugh!

  2. @Janene Murphy
    Poor cameramen, I am not sure why its so funny, I usually laugh then wonder if I am supposed to be feeling guilt.

  3. Doug Stephens

    Okay. That was pretty good. I have also noticed that flying objects tend to gravitate towards the head/crotch areas. I’m glad you noticed, too. I thought I was being paranoid.

  4. @Doug Stephens
    I think there must be some unknown force guiding them there.

  5. Ian C - My Twist News

    The budget cuts to the space program are starting to become apparent. The first time I saw this video, I ducked out of the way of the bottle.

  6. @Ian C – My Twist News
    I hear it is even better with 3D glasses on.

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