Funny Cookie Monster Wrestling Shirt with Story

Wrestling Cookie Monster

Wrestling Cookie Monster Shirt – Click Image

Vince: “I’m still not sure what we are doing here John, I mean you found this great looking Blue Monster, hats off to you for that , but now you have him under the ring eating a full box of cookies. How is this supposed to entertain the audience?”

John “It’s not a full box, I took one cookie out.”

Vince: “Well to me one cookie out of a full box is still a full box. I think the audience actually wants to see the monster, having him hide under the ring isn’t going to entertain anyone.”

John: “I put the last cookie in the middle of the ring.”

Vince: “Well at least our wrestler is getting in the ring , now we just have to get the monster to come out.”

John, “Watch what happens when the wrestler goes for the cookie.”


Wrestling Cookie Monster Shirt

2 Responses to Funny Cookie Monster Wrestling Shirt with Story

  1. A Cheeto Named Larry

    If that was a box of wine in the ring I’d kick the shit out of somebody for it.

    • Would you mind if we put the package in the middle of the ring for you to fight the cookie monster for? Perhaps we could include both some wine and some cookies.

      Personally I wouldn’t want to stand toe to toe with cookie monster, but if your willing to sign a waiver, and the rights for us to photograph the battle, we would defiantly put out the package.

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