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Funny Game Over Bride And Groom Shirt

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Women have often accessorized throughout history using things such as fancy hairpieces, jewelry, and pretty shoes with a handbag. The handbag may at times contain a cute little dog with a little pink tongue and a bow on his head. Many women prize one accessory above even her little portable canine, and that is her very own domesticated man.

Man was born to run free, he values his freedom above all other things, but his attentions are often caught by woman’s bright colors, sweet perfumes and shiny accessories. Although man tries hard to be free, he is often seduced into domestication.

Some men are determined to remain free, so occasionally a woman might enlist her father in her mission. The father, perhaps bitter at the loss of his own freedom years before, sometimes forces domestication upon the man with a shotgun or other weapon. Making the man’s final free decision, a matter of wife or death.


Game Over Shirt

8 Responses to Game Over Shirt

  1. “A matter of wife or death…” Ain’t that the truth?! I’m sure my current husband, who was a lifelong bachelor before meeting me, can relate 😛

  2. Hmm… these words definitely came from a man. I’m not one for baubles or dogs. However I must admit I do like my domesticated husband. 🙂 Cute shirt. I’m sure many guys feel that way. So tell me, who won the game? *giggles*

  3. Precisely. I don’t need no piece of paper to show commitment.

  4. As Mae West said: “Marriage is a great institution, but who wants to live in an institution.”

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