How to Party in a Baby Carrier Shirt

Funny Baby Sling Carrier T-Shirt

A Guide to enjoying a party in your New Baby Carrier Shirt

I would not recommend this to a Football party full of guys, but if it is a social drinking party with the ladies there it can be quite interesting.

Step 1 : Get The Funny Baby Shirt

Step 2 : Get Invited To a Party

Step 3 : Show up with your Funny Baby Carrier Shirt on

Step 4 : Draw Attention to yourself

Stop in the door for a bit, or as you come down stairs, this is what is called framing, just for a second, when the door opens usually people will look, and there you are in your ridiculous baby carrier tee, and you know everyone in the party is going to talk about you.

Some ladies might occasionally think you have an actual baby and approach you,  your already meeting women.  All you have to do is continue the conversation. Your a walking conversation piece, if anyone at the party wants to meet you they are filled with the opening lines for doing so. If you get stuck and don’t know what to say, you can just start talking about the baby.

Step 5 : Use the shirt to help you through the evening.

Introduce Him:

“He likes to be referred to as “Little Dude””

To Hit on Women:

“The baby wanted to meet you.”

“I think he likes you.”

Scam extra beers:

“Thanks for the beer, can I get one for “Little Dude” also ?”

Dealing with your mistakes:

“I didn’t spill the beer, I was just feeding the baby.”

“Oh sorry,  it was the baby, he  likes to grab onto things.”

To Be funny:

“We still aren’t sure who the real mother is.”

Cop the extra long hugs:

“Little Dude says he is still hungry.”

You always have a friend:

“I didn’t come alone.” (Point to chest)

In The Bedroom:

“I know he is cute, but I think he would look cuter on your bedroom floor.”

After you party for a while with a Funny Baby Carrier Shirt, you will wonder how you ever partied  without one.

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