iPoor Buy Me Something Shirt

I Poor Buy Me Something Shirt

I Poor Buy Me Something Shirt - Click Image $17.99 USD

Everywhere I look today everyone has these cool new iGadgets, they have touch screens, video, music, applications and games. I see advertisements for them on the TV and the Internet, and hear about them on the radio, and I see others with them. I really want one, If I had one of these I would be happy forever.

I don’t have a car I wish i had a car, a big one would be nice, maybe a bit stylish looking, slightly pimped up Mercedes. With like some really cool looking mags on it.

Right now though all I really need is just one of those super cool touch screen iGadgets.

Can you get me an iGadget please? I am not asking for much, just one of those?

iPoor buy me something.

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