Measuring Life in T-Shirt Hours

I read an opinion the other day,  that when you grow up, you should put the t-shirts away, buy a shirt with a collar, and get a job.  This really is a sad reality for most people, as  there are just so few decent paying jobs that allow t-shirts.

I like to wear t-shirts though, they are more comfortable than collars and I can get interesting ones that others don’t have.

After childhood it seems that usually only on weekends and holidays can you still enjoy a full day in a T-Shirt, and of course in retirement, these are the times in your life when you are your most free. Freedom to wear a T-Shirt. The rest of the time you are usually working away for the big corporate grinding wheel in your silly collar and tie.  In a world where you are forced to wear a tie, productiveness becomes more important than comfort. and you might find the freedom to start a conversation,  get a drink,  eat, or even visit the washroom the moment you feel a desire to is gone.

I would say most of us can measure the amount of true freedom we have in our life by how many T-Shirt hours we get to experience.

However,  a collar, tie, and job are all better than being unemployed and wishing you had a job. After all, employment is really not all that bad, there is usually a lot of socializing, company parties and other things.

But you lose the freedom and comfort of a T-Shirt.

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  1. “I would say most of us can measure the amount of true freedom we have in our life by how many T-Shirt hours we get to experience.” I like that. Life is just too short. I don’t have children or too many responsibilities right now so my simple goal is just to do what I like for a living. Currently it’s designing tshirts. Hopefully I can pull it off (and continue enjoying it). Anyway, clever post. Have a great one.

  2. @joe
    Thanks Joe I appreciate the positive feedback, and wish you good luck with the shirt designs, it is a very tough business to make a living in though. About as fast as you can create a new design, some guy will rip it off and submit it to a t-shirt submissions website as their own. Often the shirts I put up are ripped off within a few hours.

    A good fast way to make ends meet as you wait for sales might be to enter some graphic design contests for cash prizes on the Internet, there are actually lots of them. You will likely make a lot more for the first few years at least, and will usually lead to some freelance contract employment as well.

  3. As soon as my husband gets home from work he heads straight upstairs and changes into (you guessed it) a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. His attitude changes, too. You’re right. There’s something so freeing about wearing comfy clothes. ‘T-shirt hours’ — I like that!

  4. @Janene Murphy
    Thanks Janene, for the positive comment.

    The best part of a suit and tie is usually taking it off. It feels so good to get that tie off your neck, nice and cool, and suddenly you can breath more freely.

  5. I wear t-shirts a lot too and feel very comfortable in them. It seems to me that suits for men are not as popular as they once were and casual wear like t-shirts and jeans have become acceptable wear for work even if it’s only on “jeans days”.

  6. @timethief
    It is true collars and ties really apply to men the most. Women tend to have much more freedom to dress as they wish for a job, lucky them.

    I always liked the jobs where I could wear t-shirts to work, but for some reason I worked harder in the shirt and tie. That is probably why they make us dress up like monkeys for them in the first place.

    Thanks for the comment TT.

  7. I agree, definitely the quality of life goes up when you are in your T-shirt ; )! You feel more relaxed and ‘in your own skin’ : )

  8. @SprigBlossoms
    Thanks Spring!

    Yes it is much more relaxing in a T-shirt for sure.

  9. I’ve never owned a suit or tie, and have never worn one. None of the precious few jobs I’ve had in my life required any special clothes, except for coaching gymnastics which required-you guessed it!-that I wear a t-shirt.

  10. @nothingprofound
    It sounds like you have lived a live of true freedom NP, sadly it took me many years in a shirt and tie to realize just how much I hated the damn things.

    Thanks again for your visit NP, always a pleasure having you.

  11. Hmm…I never really thought of freedom as a T-shirt. 🙂

  12. @Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont

    The times when you are free to wear a t-shirt, are times more free than any time you are forced to wear a suit.

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