Music Television For Monkey Shirt

Music Television Form Monkeys Shirt MTV Chimp

Music Television For Monkeys - Click Image $17.99 USD

Every man’s life has a purpose, a divine calling given at birth, most never discover the meaning of their life, but mine was revealed to me one night in a dream.

I was cruising down the muddy banks of the Ugandan Nile on a raft steered by a smiling chimp. There are hippos, elephants, buffaloes, and crocodiles in the water. One mistake by the chimp will bring certain doom.

After a time the chimp’s smile faded, and he started to steer suicidaly towards the animals. In desperation I began to sing Row Row Row The Boat, this made the chimp smile, and steer towards safety.

When I woke, I knew I needed to make monkeys happy. I immediatly went to work on Music Television for Monkey. Thankfully, now when I dream, the chimp always smiles.

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