Panda With Pistols Shirt

Panda With Guns

Banksy Panda With Pistols Shirt – Click Image $19.99

It was a day at the zoo,
we were all having fun.
We snickered at the panda,
as he played in the sun.

Then the Panda growled deeply,
and he crashed through the door.
He’d heard so many giggles,
wouldn’t take anymore.

A man looked at the panda,
and started to laugh,
so the panda responded,
by kicking his ass.

Then the panda stood up,
and pulled out two guns.
We crouched in the corner,
there was no where to run.

He spoke in a voice,
that made our fears swell,
“Put your cash on the table,
or I will blow you to hell !”

10 Responses to Panda With Pistols Shirt

  1. Love it, and the t-shirts great.

  2. Thanks NP, appreciate the positive comment. I was wearing a green version of this shirt all day and it made me think of it =)

  3. @Jason
    Thanks Jason,

    Glad you enjoyed it !

  4. Great poem. I enjoyed it 🙂

  5. Ha ha! We’ve got Kung Fu Panda, and now Pistol Panda. Awesome!!

  6. @Janene
    I think if I had a choice, I would rather run into Kung Fu Panda, Pistol panda seems to be a bit evil. 🙂

  7. Hahahaha, looks like that you came across the Kung Fu Panda.

  8. @Pooja Singh
    Maybe Kung Fu Panda should see a therapist.

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