Pictures From My Recent Holiday In Lao 2010

Recently I returned from a short trip to Lao, it was good, we had a fantastic hotel room with hot water, air con, satellite TV and everything for only $14 per night,  the rooms were cleaned every day, and the sheets and towels all changed etc.

We ate mostly french food but went to the local all you can eat Barbecue for $4 a person most evenings. The food was good.

The are pictures from a Buddhist park outside of Vientiane Lao.

Millions of tourists every year, cross the bridge within bike riding distance of these two places,  and don’t even know they exist.

Lao Temple Life Heaven Hell

Into The Mouth Of The Giant

Lao Giant Of Death

Giant Carries the Dead to the Next Life

Wold Eather Lao

World Eater

Multiheaded Lao Divine Figure

Divine Figure Watches All

Payana Faces Giant Of Death

Five Headed Payana Faces Giant Of Death

The pictures below are the  only pictures I have with me currently  from the Thai temple in Nong kai that were built by the same monk, after he built the Lao temple.  All though I do have more,  they are in Canada and I am currently in Malaysia. I do plan to travel back to Nong kai in a few months though to take photographs of it.

Thailand Buddhist World Eater

World Eater

Buddha Sits On Piyana, Rising above the Jungle


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3 Responses to Pictures From My Recent Holiday In Lao 2010

  1. These are great pictures. I intend to visit Laos and want to get to Luang Prabang, the ancient capital as I sponsor a little girl in a childrens village there.
    I have read a lot about Laos and would love to see any pictures you may have of the Mehkong at Vientiane. During the Revolution, people would try and cross the Mehkong to reach Thailand. It is estimated the survival rate was less than 40% – yet they still thought the risk worth taking.

  2. @Ladygoodwood

    Luang Prabang eh? beautiful place, I was there about 18 years ago, would like to go back probably next year. Beautiful waterfall there, some wonderful hand carved really old big wooden teak temples to look at. It was a long way from the bombing, and no harm done if I remember correctly.

    Yeah Lao had a sad few years most heavily bombed piece of land on earth, and they were never officially in any war.

    I looked up an article on it

    Halve the population completely wiped out. That is a story in itself.

    It is a very rural country lots of rice paddies and jungles and stuff, but the loggers are hard at it now trying to get the last bits of teak on earth. Funny I just looked up an article on teak wood and it mentions all of Laos surrounding countries as sellers of teak but not them, what a scam. Cambodia is getting robbed of their last bits of teak also.

  3. 14$ a night, that’s almost unbelievable. I would love to visit Laos. I love Buddhism and these sculptures are absolutely breathtaking.

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