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Problem Solved T-Shirt

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I was happily relaxing, when I began to hear the sounds of trouble working it’s way through the house. Doorways were being forcefully opened and closed, as the aggravator’s footsteps grew steadily louder. A grumbled murmuring began as she drew near, as though she was warming up her mouth’s well oiled engine for the marathon session ahead.

In the realization that I would soon be shanghaied onto another journey to Idiot Island, over it’s ocean of accusations, demands, insults and madness, I began to panic.

I had no door to escape through, so considered hurling myself through the glass of a nearby window. With just moments to spare before the verbal assault began, I finally found my salvation with a nearby music player.


Problem Solved.

8 Responses to Problem Solved Shirt

  1. PBS, I love how well you described the noises that lead to the anticipation of being harassed. In such circumstances, I usually make a hasty retreat and head for the nearest exit.

  2. @nothingprofound
    Thanks NP, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Any smart man would run from such a foe, so they can live to run another day.

  3. I felt myself squirming as I read this, and feeling very relieved upon the discovery of the earphones and music player.

  4. @kris landt
    Glad you felt relief at the end of it Kris, I felt relief as well, but then realized the batteries might die. I think I will go to the store today and get some extra batteries.

  5. Ha ha! Glad your music saved you. When the kids were younger and crazier sometimes I’d just say, “Mommy needs a time-out” and retreat to my room. Who am I kidding? I STILL do it sometimes!

  6. @Janene

    Young boys can defiantly be relentless at times. I was fortunate that I only had one, I hear the more you get, the more they gang up on you.

    Time out indeed !

  7. I love this, and would get it, but my wife would kill me if I wore it.


  8. @mulledvine
    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for stopping by. I would love to wear it also, but my girlfriend might choke me while I slept or something if I did.

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