Scream Panda Shirt

Scream Panda T-Shirt

Scream Panda Shirt – Click Image

Lighting flashes through the dark sky, and a cold heavy rain falls on the late night delivery truck as it lowers it’s precious cargo down from the rear. Curious zoo workers look in at the young panda, sitting very still at the back of it’s cage, facing the wall, seeming too focused on his own thoughts, to be interested in where he is, or the commotion around him.

The cage touches the ground, and the sky explodes in a blinding flash of lightning, a deafening clap of thunder follows, and a disoriented moment later, the workers notice the cage is now empty, except for a claw etched image of a ghostly figure on it’s back wall.

A passing crazy old guy begins to shout, “Evil will no longer allow itself to be contained !” and begins to slowly unbutton his trousers.

Scream Panda Shirt

8 Responses to Scream Panda Shirt

  1. Holy smoke! I’ll never look at cute cuddly pandas the same way again! 😉

  2. @Janene
    It’s best you don’t, the second you let your guard down is when they pounce !

  3. Must be why Pandas are black and white. There’s a dark side to everything.

  4. @nothingprofound
    They are quite deceptive, as you are distracted by the white side, the dark side is planning your demise.

  5. I think pandas are related to raccoons, which can be pretty vicious, even though they’re cute! Best to admire both from afar.

  6. @Helena Fortissima
    People often say they are related to raccoons, but do you see raccoons wield knives and guns?

    Do raccoons magically dispensary in lightning storms?

    Raccoons you say? Ha !

    They want you to think they are related to raccoons…

  7. haha that is pretty awesome!

    Now when I go to see a panda I will always come up with this image XD


  8. @Furita
    Thanks for the visit Futia,

    The image of the panda definitely is a pretty cool piece of art, when I saw it, I just had to have it.

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