Sometimes, Some Things Can Not Be Fixed

A few years ago, as the Cold Play song, “Fix You” was playing away on my car radio, I said to my Girlfriend at the time, who did not like Cold Play very much, “How could anyone not like Cold Play? I mean just listen to them, that is music that really moves me for some reason or another, and I like it.”

She laughed a little, giving me the idea she did not share my love for the song.

I asked her “How could you not like this song, what is it about this beautiful song that bothers you?”

My girlfriend answered the question immediately, “Because the song makes it seem like you can just go around “Fixing” everything. Sometimes, some things can not be fixed. ”

There was some definite truth to what she had said. No one can fix everything, some things, yes, but not everything. Sometimes the attempted fix just makes matters worse. Sometimes it is just best to give up on a fix, and learn to live with the problem.

I found the song on YouTube, so I have pasted it below for you to listen to. In the defense of Cold Play, the exact lyrics state “I will try to fix you”, so they did not say they could go around fixing everything, but the thought that not everything can be fixed was still very interesting.

Rather than focusing on the problem, sometimes it is best to just give up hope on trying to fix it, and get on with your life as best you can, for the sake of happiness. A happy song can help, and one of the happiest songs I have heard in recent years has got to be Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of Somewhere over the Rainbow, when I hear it, often my worries seem to fade a little bit.


4 Responses to Sometimes, Some Things Can Not Be Fixed

  1. I like Coldplay, although some of the lyrics are hard for me to understand.
    Like, I wonder who, or what, is he would like to fix by igniting peoples bones?
    –Have you heard any of the new tracks on Major Minus?


    Yeah I am not sure what ignite your bones is all about also, maybe someone feels chilled to the bone and warms up a bit or something, no idea. I don’t think I want my bones ignited just the same. Maybe life can make you pissed off to the bone or something? Though a heavy metal song would be better about things like that maybe.

    I like cold play just the same I never understood what “and its all yellow” means either but I like it, in a simple way.

    I have not heard of the new album yet, but will make a point of seeing what I can listen to on the web soon, thanks.

  3. Paul Williams

    ignite your bones… means to set your passions on fire, your enthusiasm for life and living and make you feel so excited to be alive and vibrant that you just wish you could make or see everyone doing that, being that happy, that excited!

  4. @Paul Williams
    I could see that being the proper meaning Paul, “lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones”, yes it would seem fitting that they are talking about a rise in your spirit.

    Thank you for your input.

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