Robots In Disguise Shirt

Robots In Disguise Shirt

Robots In Disguise ! Click Image $17.99 USD

I like cars, especially really fast ones and big trucks. Airplanes are cool too, and the guys flying them that have sunglasses and headphones on, they look really cool. Some planes have guns.

Guns are pretty cool, I like how they blow stuff up and make loud sounds, laser guns are the best though, they make sounds like “pyew pyew” when you shoot them. You don’t see many laser guns on earth but Aliens probably have them. Aliens are cool.

I like robots too, because they can move around and talk and stuff. The only thing cooler that robots are giant robots.

You know what would be really cool are giant alien talking robots that pretend they are cars and airplanes and stuff, then suddenly they get up and fight with swords, and guns and talk and look at you with their sunglasses while they listen to cool alien music through headphones.

Cool Giant Laser Armed Alien Fighting Transformable Robots In Disguise!

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