Be Wiser Smoke Bud Shirt

Be Wiser Smoke Bud Shirt

Be Wiser Smoke Bud Shirt - Click Image $17.99 USD

For over 5000 years, Bud has been making people come together. Pulling out a pack of fresh Bud, usualy causes good friends to circle around you.

Everyone will be happy and say things like “Wow man, thats good stuff” as they get a whiff of a fresh stash of Bud.

As the evening progresses the circle of friends will discuss things possibly never discussed before, figure out the meaning of life the universe and everything.

Unfortunately by morning all your great wisdom is usualy lost, but another round of Bud could just bring it all back to you.

300 million people a day can’t be wrong.

Be Wiser Smoke Bud.

*Caution May Cause Coughing and Silliness

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