Don’t Juggle Chainsaws – Stupid Monkey Shirt

Don't Juggle Chainsaws Monkey Shirt

Don't Juggle Chainsaws Shirt - Click Image $17.99

Hey monkey, come here little monkey, I got a banana for you, good boy. Now if you want to eat this banana, you got to do me a favor. See those two chainsaws over there? No, don’t look at my hand, look over there, yes there, see those two chainsaws there, pick them up. Pick them up, yes both of them, great, good monkey. Now bring them here.

No don’t pull the strings, don’t start them, Geeze, turn them off! Switch them off!

No, don’t throw them, stop throwing them! Idiot monkey! What are you doing?

Oh great, nice job you imbecile! Stupid half-wit doofus monkey. I told you not to do that, see what happens when you throw chainsaws around. How are you going to eat your banana now Mr. Smarty Pants?

Don’t Juggle Chainsaws.

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