Chicken And Cow Egg T-Shirt

This is a recent shirt I was able to pick up from a local designer. It is only about six months old for us at this point, and already is becoming a fairly hot seller for our website.

I think It is funny, so I thought I would share it with you.

The shirt itself has no name that I am aware of but I call it the Chicken and Cow Egg T-Shirt

Have a look.

Funny Chicken and Cow Egg Shirt - Did they do it ?

Funny Chicken and Cow Egg Shirt - Did they do it ? - Click Image $17.99

For most of the last two years I have notice my beautiful cow Mabel, and favorite chicken Betsy had been spending a lot of time together.

Although I thought it was a bit strange, I was thankful it was not the weirdo creep Gonzo that used to hang on the chicken coup doors trying to chat up the ladies.

Last week I went out for a walk around the farm, and this is the site I ran into.

This whole thing is very confusing to me, I don’t see how a cow and chicken could make such an egg, and really I think poor Betsy and Mabel are even more confused than I am.

I wonder if I feed the creature that hatches from it chocolate, will it lay milk chocolate eggs?

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