Star Wars Coffee – May The Froth Be With You Shirt

Star Wars Coffee Shirt

May The Froth Be With You – Click Image $19.99 USD

Star Wars Coffee has a reputation for brewing high quality coffee for more than six thousand years.

It takes a very special bean and a rigorous process to produce Star Wars Coffee’s consistent high quality brew.

Wookie Valdez himself selects and inspects each and every bean from the Forest Moon of Endor’s eastern slopes. Only the very highest quality beans will ever considered for a cup of Star Wars Coffee. Once certified to meet Star Wars quality standards, the fate of the Star Wars Coffee bean is not left to chance. At the shops every detail is carefully orchestrated – including the temperature and amount of water used, the timing and consistency of bean grinding, and the length of time the coffee is brewed.

Upon leaving our restaurants, our caring crew, will offer you these kind words of good fortune.

“May The Froth Be With You.”

Bettie Trooper Star Wars Clone Pinup Girl Shirt

Betty Clone Star Wars Funny  Stormtrooper Shirt

We Will Miss You Bettie - Click Image To Buy Shirt $17.99

I visited the Death Star once, before it was destroyed, and although all the Clones came from the same gene pool, they each had their own personalities. Some of the clones became entertainers.

Some of the entertainers to be different from all the others underwent plastic surgery at the “LadyClone Clinic”.

The most famous of all the LadyClones was Bettie Trooper.

Darth and I went to go see Betty Trooper one time, she was so popular it cost us a little more than a two hundred galactic credits for the drinks, tips, and giggles before the evening was done.

I will miss you Betty, though in the end you should have never collaborated with the Evil empire, and you got what you deserved.

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