Foul Mouth Clown Shirt

Sick Clown Shirt

Foul Mouth Clown Shirt – Click Image

Although being a clown came naturally to poor Bonozo, his inability to escape from clownhood was never easy for him.

Bonozo was not your average clown. He did not put average sized feet into “clown shoes” in order to try and look hilarious… this was the actual size of his feet, and these were the only shoes on the market which would fit him. His hair grew red in a funny patch naturally, his skin was eggshell white, his nose was always big and red, and his body was naturally large and floppy.

Tired of being a clown, Bonozo would often try and drink himself silly, but then upon realizing that he was already silly, and no drinking would make any sort of difference, he would often be overwhelmed with nausea, and then rush to the bathroom to barf up his sparky rainbow sickness, which did not make him feel any better, and in fact the sight of his barf, often just made him more sick, leading to a cycle of more nausea inducing rainbows and sparkles.


Scary Clown Shirt

Scary Clown

Scary Clown Shirt – Click Image

Although coulrophobia (the fear of clowns), may sometimes be considered hilarious by people who find other people’s fears to be funny, it is estimated to effect upwards of 10% of the population in Western Countries. The sight of a clown may cause anxiety, sweating, nausea, trembling, pins and needles, increased heartbeat, shortness of breath, crying, screaming, and an intense feeling of dread or terror in coulrophobia sufferers.

I used to work with a woman who was coulrophobic, I didn’t like her very much, it might have been funny to wear this shirt to work from time to time for a laugh, but I wouldn’t recommend such actions to others.

Do not hang this glow in the dark clown shirt in the trees outside your sister’s bedroom, don’t be a jerk like that, it’s just not cool.

Scary Clown Shirt

Hamburger’s Revenge Funny T-Shirt

Finnaly The Hamburger Gets Back At The Clown

Finnaly The Hamburger Gets Back At The Clown - Click Image $17.99

For the greater part of the last century clowns have been trying to make people eat the poor hamburger.

They dance around in their funny hair and red noses, smiling as though hamburger eating is actually something to be considered as fun.

Recently there have been a few independent thinking¬† hamburgers that have decided not to just wait in the freezer like passive lambs,¬† for one of the clown’s puppets to come and fry or flame broil him.

The time has come for a hamburger revolution. The time has come for revenge.

Empowered hamburgers all over the globe are lashing out at their clown captors and taking their life into their own hands.

This is a new shirt we have had on our website for a very short time, it is doing quite well for us.

I think the picture speaks for itself. We hope you enjoy the shirt.

You can click on the image for more pictures.

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