Shut The Duck Up Shirt

Shut The Duck Up Shirt

Shut The Duck Up Shirt – Click Image

I live in a noisy polluted city, whose buildings stretch so far to the sky, that sun beams can rarely hit the people walking below. The air is thick with the hot smell of cars, and there is an incessant non melodious honking of horns echoing down the roads.

Driven near mad by the business of the city I decided to take a trip back to nature, to find a silence that can only exist there. I was happy on my trip, for a bit, but then a sound even less melodious than a car horn “quack quack quack”ed at me. The quacking was a bit like a person stuffing tin foil in my ears, and with each additional quack, like a bit more foil being forced in. The pressure built, it hurt, and I desperately needed it to stop.

I told the duck “SHUT UP!”, but the unreasonable beast would not be quiet, so, I went back to my car trunk, got my Duck Tape, and Shut The Duck Up.

Shut The Duck Up Shirt

Wrong Funny Rabbit and Duck T-Shirt

I recently got my hands on a toy I have wanted to own myself for a very long time.

Heat vision goggles.

The nice thing about heat vision goggles, is not only can they see in the dark, but also through walls. They register different temperatures in different colors. Black is very cool, and yellow is very hot.

I was of course eager to try out the goggles, and the first night I got them, I went running around the house looking at various things. Unfortunately the walls have no heat in them, so several times I ran into the wall, I also ran into several tables,  chairs, and a bookshelf, eventually I decided to stop running.

I tried to see my own heat signature in the mirror, and amazingly I have none at all.

My brother has a heat signature if I look right at him, but in the mirror again no heat. I figure this is because he is only a halve vampire.

Anyhow, lets get to the point, after a while I began to look around outside the house, and it is amazing all the hidden things you can see. Hidden cats in bushes, hidden birds in the trees, and I was a little surprised to see all the hidden ducks and rabbits.

You wouldn’t normally think of ducks and rabbits hiding in the bushes all over the place, but I think this is just because they are so good at hiding.

Funny Wrong Duck Rabbit Shirt

Hilarious Wrong T-Shirt - Click Image $19.99

But what are they hiding you might ask, well I was quite surprised when I saw this, for some reason, the rabbits and the ducks seem to go from red to orange and all the way up to yellow whenever they are together having secret meeting in the bushes.

My brother thought they were fighting, but of course from watching the jerky motions of the little rabbit behind the duck, the truth is obvious.

We all know the reputation of rabbits of being good hoppers, and they are obviously practicing hoping over the duck, but they cant quite get over, leading to a large exertion of energy from both the rabbit as he tries to hop, and the duck as he tries to be hopped, hence the yellow glow on the heat vision goggles.

The little rabbits tend to try and get over the duck for about two to three minutes at least two times every evening.

My sister says they are Doing It, but she is a pervert.

Anyhow we took a heat vision photograph and put it on this really funny t-shirt, you can see more shirt styles and colors if you decide to click on it.

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