Balloon Castle Attack Funny T-Shirt

Check Out This Funny Inflatable Castle War Shirt

Check Out This Funny Inflatable Castle War Shirt - Click Image $17.99

This shirt has been getting a lot of attention for us.

You can see its an image of a very large inflatable castle similar to what gets put up at traveling fairs and birthday parties.

There are several people in the castle trying to defend it against the attacking bows and arrows.

The castle is deflating due to the punctures and it isn’t looking good for the occupants.

We hope you like the shirt, you can click on the image to see more pictures.

Poem I wrote in Cambodia while under fire.

While watching a large battle in Cambodia, and hoping no bombing or gunfire would hit me, I wrote this poem.

Yes, I know it is very dark, but I was in a weird time and place.

The ticking is but all I hear,
it is our gauge till death appears.

Forever now I’ve watched the clock,
whenever will my glancing stop?

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