Selfish Fish Shirt

selfish fish selfie shirt

Selfish Shirt – Click Image

“Oh oh, this is a good one, I look like such a star, I should send this to NASA.”

“Just a thousand more selfies and I get to put in a fresh memory card.”

“A hundred selfies a day keeps the insecurity away.”

“I’m going to put this one on twitter and tell everyone I don’t care what they think!”

“Why take picture of other people when you can take hundreds of yourself? I am so awesome.”

“If someone kidnaps me, please use my selfie with the most likes.”

“How come some of my selfies make me look like a clown?”


Selfish Shirt

When Predetor Becomes Bait

You would think this house cat, looking at this little fish in a bowl would have nothing to worry about, but what this cat doesn’t realize, is that this fish is not alone. A new breed of fish exists in the domicile, one that has already mastered the Cat’s natural domain.



Submarine Finds “The Plug” Humerous T-Shirt

This is what was found at the very bottom of the Ocean Floor.

This is what was found at the very bottom of the Ocean Floor.- Click Image $17.99

There has been a lot of exploring of the worlds oceans these days. With new technology people have been able to travel all the way to the deepest parts of the ocean.

Although there has been a lot of deep trench diving recently, and there has been a lot of exploring along the bottom of the sea, only recently did a submarine arrive at the very bottom of the ocean floor.

Upon reaching this deepest darkest depths of the explorable earth, this is the site they were greeted with.

As you can see at the very bottom of the ocean there is a very large plug.

This is one of our new t-shirts, I think the image speaks for itself, we find it quite funny around here and attractive to look at.

You can click on the image to see more pictures.

We hope you enjoy the shirt.

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