Balloon Castle Attack Funny T-Shirt

Check Out This Funny Inflatable Castle War Shirt

Check Out This Funny Inflatable Castle War Shirt - Click Image $17.99

This shirt has been getting a lot of attention for us.

You can see its an image of a very large inflatable castle similar to what gets put up at traveling fairs and birthday parties.

There are several people in the castle trying to defend it against the attacking bows and arrows.

The castle is deflating due to the punctures and it isn’t looking good for the occupants.

We hope you like the shirt, you can click on the image to see more pictures.

Don’t Juggle Chainsaws – Funny Monkey Shirt

Don't Juggle Chainsaws - Funny Monkey Shirt

Don't Juggle Chainsaws - Funny Monkey Shirt - Click Image $17.99

This shirt has been very popular for us recently.

This comes from the same artists that do the I’m a slow learner t-shirt, it was actually done before the slow learner shirt.

We will probably be putting in a special order for more of this shirt soon if the current interest in it continues, though we still have a few months supply in stock.

As you can see it features a sad little monkey that was attempting to juggle chainsaws and had an accident.

The advice is of course sound, juggling chainsaws is a very bad idea and very dangerous.

We hope you enjoy the shirt. Clicking on the image will lead you to more images of it.

Chicken And Cow Egg T-Shirt

This is a recent shirt I was able to pick up from a local designer. It is only about six months old for us at this point, and already is becoming a fairly hot seller for our website.

I think It is funny, so I thought I would share it with you.

The shirt itself has no name that I am aware of but I call it the Chicken and Cow Egg T-Shirt

Have a look.

Funny Chicken and Cow Egg Shirt - Did they do it ?

Funny Chicken and Cow Egg Shirt - Did they do it ? - Click Image $17.99

For most of the last two years I have notice my beautiful cow Mabel, and favorite chicken Betsy had been spending a lot of time together.

Although I thought it was a bit strange, I was thankful it was not the weirdo creep Gonzo that used to hang on the chicken coup doors trying to chat up the ladies.

Last week I went out for a walk around the farm, and this is the site I ran into.

This whole thing is very confusing to me, I don’t see how a cow and chicken could make such an egg, and really I think poor Betsy and Mabel are even more confused than I am.

I wonder if I feed the creature that hatches from it chocolate, will it lay milk chocolate eggs?

Quest for the worlds funniest t-shirts.

Let me tell you what I am doing currently. Right now I am traveling around and looking at funny shirts all over the world.

I have found some really funny shirts that I know have been produced in my current location for over 15 years. I recently found out a five year old T-Shirt company that is now one of the biggest shirt sites in the world have actually gone out and gotten patents on designs this company has been selling for more than ten years longer than their website has existed.

These poor stores that are producing them have customers like myself that buy in bulk from all over the world, but this big company whom I shall not name until the day they give me grief over selling these shirts. Has actually patented their designs.

How is this possible you might ask, well I guess they saw the shirt, and had some artist reproduce it, then they patented it without the original company having any idea, and of course now its too late.

Anyhow I am on this quest to find all the best shirts and put them on my site, I have about 80 funny ones up now, and a few hundred to go.

But right now I am not making money at this and funds are running a bit low, I am considering breaking into less competitive items, but then i don’t know if all my hard work on these shirts will be lost and I get known as a dress dealer instead or something.

Anyhow, I have about 2000 shirts I have actually bought and am busy photographing, I have to show color variations as well of course.

Lets hope “The Man” doesn’t see them all and patent them on me so he can stop me from selling them.

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