Where Rainbows Come From Shirt

Ever Wonder Where Rainbows Come From ?

Where Rainbows Come From Funny Shirt- Click Image $17.99

I have spent most of my life wondering about the real origin of rainbows, it didn’t make sense to me that light traveling through particles of water could have a “prism effect” splitting the various colors into different beams of light.

One day I came across this particular cloud which seamed more made of alcohol than water

He mumbling something about, “I will never drink again.”

“Oh please help me, just this once, I will never do it again”

And to my astonishment made this wonderful rainbow display.

This is where rainbows really come from.

There was also a little guy in green running around at the bottom of the rainbow trying to catch the gold colored light in his little pot, and ran away after sipping a bit of it shouting “You cant have me gold!”

Unfortunately I couldn’t get his picture.

Submarine Finds “The Plug” Humerous T-Shirt

This is what was found at the very bottom of the Ocean Floor.

This is what was found at the very bottom of the Ocean Floor.- Click Image $17.99

There has been a lot of exploring of the worlds oceans these days. With new technology people have been able to travel all the way to the deepest parts of the ocean.

Although there has been a lot of deep trench diving recently, and there has been a lot of exploring along the bottom of the sea, only recently did a submarine arrive at the very bottom of the ocean floor.

Upon reaching this deepest darkest depths of the explorable earth, this is the site they were greeted with.

As you can see at the very bottom of the ocean there is a very large plug.

This is one of our new t-shirts, I think the image speaks for itself, we find it quite funny around here and attractive to look at.

You can click on the image to see more pictures.

We hope you enjoy the shirt.

Hamburger’s Revenge Funny T-Shirt

Finnaly The Hamburger Gets Back At The Clown

Finnaly The Hamburger Gets Back At The Clown - Click Image $17.99

For the greater part of the last century clowns have been trying to make people eat the poor hamburger.

They dance around in their funny hair and red noses, smiling as though hamburger eating is actually something to be considered as fun.

Recently there have been a few independent thinking¬† hamburgers that have decided not to just wait in the freezer like passive lambs,¬† for one of the clown’s puppets to come and fry or flame broil him.

The time has come for a hamburger revolution. The time has come for revenge.

Empowered hamburgers all over the globe are lashing out at their clown captors and taking their life into their own hands.

This is a new shirt we have had on our website for a very short time, it is doing quite well for us.

I think the picture speaks for itself. We hope you enjoy the shirt.

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Balloon Castle Attack Funny T-Shirt

Check Out This Funny Inflatable Castle War Shirt

Check Out This Funny Inflatable Castle War Shirt - Click Image $17.99

This shirt has been getting a lot of attention for us.

You can see its an image of a very large inflatable castle similar to what gets put up at traveling fairs and birthday parties.

There are several people in the castle trying to defend it against the attacking bows and arrows.

The castle is deflating due to the punctures and it isn’t looking good for the occupants.

We hope you like the shirt, you can click on the image to see more pictures.

Corporate Hush Hush

I have been spending quite a bit of time on social bookmarking websites recently.

One of the sites I was using rhymes with Bigg, I wont post the actual name here because I do not wish for me to Ban my website from theirs.

Bigg is a websites where you submit links and other with similar interests are able to view them.

I was doing fairly well driving traffic to my main website and found it quite interesting to read all the important news stories as they broke.

I found I drove the most comments to my website by submitting comments about the articles. Whether people agreed or not, they did tend to click to view my profile, and then this website.

I found when I was on there quite a lot of corporate dis-information, and people were eating it up.

There were also quite a few shabby stories with very little facts but people tended to feel this justified their own opinions about things and voted them up.

I ended up becoming quite outspoken about the environment and got a lot of people that would pay attention to my posts. After a while for some reason even though I was only having five or so people that had read my comment so far, I was being voted down 15 to 20 times in a matter of minutes.

With the system of one vote per user per day, this is impossible.

These were negative votes that were being put on me by the bookmarking site.

My comments were pretty well researched, and I have been to places that are currently being destroyed by large corporations and had quite a bit to say. So even though I was being voted down. The people that followed me were voting me back up.

A lot of the companies that we were fighting against are actually advertisers on the website, and I guess Bigg being a commercial site, they felt I was going against their interests, and banned me, also deleting all my posts and comments for the entire site. Even though I often had the top Comment on some very popular articles.

It is sad that a large group of us was trying to point out the damage being done by large corporations to places like Sumatra, with the clear cutting and burring, this of course kills a lot of animals and causes large health problems for the millions of humans that live there. There are also cases of actual murder.

Anyhow I wont talk about it too much, I don’t live that far away from where this corporation has its headquarters and they are extremely well funded.

However I find it very sad about this corporate hush hush. These people are literally getting away with murder, and turning rain forests into deserts, not to mention the implications towards global warming, if carbon actually causes global warming. I am sure if Bigg dropped their advertising someone else would pick up the slack eventually. I guess they feel no responsibility to the world even though they are getting large enough to help shape it.

I hope one day I will be in a position to help the world like they are, I would use my power for the good of all, instead of just the good of my already enormous bank account.

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