The Legend Of Bud The Kitty Jockey

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Bud was a small bullied child, who grew up to be a small bullied man. As an adult, Bud became a world famous horse jockey, but even with fame and fortune, adults, teenagers, and other jockeys continued to bully him.

Determined to get respect, Bud decided to take some of the various performance enhancing horse medicines found at work, and exercised hard for several years, but was still not able to get any respect.

One lonely day Bud bought a kitten from the pet store, and as the kitty jumped around on places he should not have, he eventually knocked over a vial of Bud’s enhancements, and lapped it all up with a Purr.

Bud’s beloved little kitty became very very large, playful, and dangerous. So Bud grabbed his horse taming rope from work and brought him under control. After some thought, Bud decided to saddle kitty up.

Bud no longer cared about any respect as he rode out that Moonlit evening, that night he had only revenge on his mind.

Kitty Jockey Shirt

4 Responses to The Legend Of Bud The Kitty Jockey

  1. Great t-shirt. I wonder how many other poor bullied souls are out there prowling the night on a mission of revenge.

  2. @nothingprofound
    Probably quite a few NP, though I think not so many with gigantic kittens, probably less than a few hundred anyhow. I doubt anyone would ever survive long enough to tell the story or take a picture, which is probably why it is not on the news.

  3. Yikes! Now THERE’S a kitty I wouldn’t turn my back on. Crazy story, cool shirt!

  4. @Janene
    Glad you enjoyed it Janene, though I don’t think facing this cat would help you in any way.

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