The People In Society That Look So Normal, Are Often The Real Freaks.

People seem to have a tendency these days, to be dazzled by the sleek cars, nice houses, sharp clothing, and fancy jewelry the wealthy amongst us might own. Most people who also want these things, may decide to replicate the wealthy people’s actions, in the hope it brings them the same riches.

Have you ever had a notice though that most of the really strange news stories are about people that actually have wealth? Oh sure there are lot of videos of long haired idiots getting injured after saying things like “Hey, watch this!”, but the really demented stuff always seems to come from the types of people that seem to have it all financially together, and look to be “normal”.

I would like to bring your attention to this video below, where you can see that the normal looking, tea drinking granny is not so normal after all, and the youth that look like a bunch of trouble makers are actually the victims of her twisted imagination.

2 Responses to The People In Society That Look So Normal, Are Often The Real Freaks.

  1. Hilarious, and a serious problem, the way we judge people by appearances. I find my best friends are the ones I originally thought were crazy. thanks for the insightful post.


  2. @Darin L. Hammond
    Glad you enjoyed it Darin,

    Most of my friends probably thought I was normal when they first met me, but now they all think I’m crazy 😉

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