The Universe, God and Everything Else

There are many different theories on the creation of the universe, all religions throughout time have their own opinions on the subject. True believers are often willing to argue about it and sometimes even get furious enough to fight wars in the name of it.

Personally I subscribe to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Pastafarianism as shown here:

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Master of Creation

Most people grow up believing the same things their parents did, especially if the opinions are shared by others that live around them, and taught to them as fact.

However Stephen Hawkins has an idea based on what we can supposedly “observe in the universe” that it all came from some kind of “Big Bang”. Why don’t you have a short listen to what Mr Hawkins and Carl Sagan have to say, and see if you think it is possible.

The video is only 10 minutes long and definitely should be watched.

I found personally his works have now become so main stream, I almost bought into his theories…but no, I will not to betray Mr Spaghetti Monster. How can you ignore the facts,  we have photographic proof that he is the one pushing the planets around.

Spaghetti Monster Sunrise

Actual Photograph of the Creator Moving Our Universe

12 Responses to The Universe, God and Everything Else

  1. Well, that’s interesting.

  2. @Navin
    It is always interesting when at last you can see his truth.

  3. Ha! ha! ha! Pastfarianism is a second choice for me. 🙂 I’m so sick of the religious posts on the BC forum. Some people just don’t know when to stop, you know?

  4. @timethief
    I am sure the Floating Spaghetti Monster is satisfied with being your second choice.

    The Noble F.S.M. does not seek praise. He goes about his duties of creating everything whether we thank him or not.

  5. Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont

    All hail, Great Pasta!

  6. The bf is also a keen pastafarian lol

  7. @claza
    Your Boyfriend is obviously very wise.

  8. Janene Murphy

    Alas, a diety that goes well with marinara sauce. That’s a religion I can sink my teeth into!

  9. @Janene Murphy
    Yet another great reason why he is so awesome.

  10. Cheers, PBS to us Pastafarians!

  11. May his noodily appendages bring you much happiness.

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