When Predetor Becomes Bait

You would think this house cat, looking at this little fish in a bowl would have nothing to worry about, but what this cat doesn’t realize, is that this fish is not alone. A new breed of fish exists in the domicile, one that has already mastered the Cat’s natural domain.



8 Responses to When Predetor Becomes Bait

  1. Ha ha! Too funny. That’s a pretty cool shark toy, too!

  2. @Janene
    I like the shark toy, but the cat is pretty cool too.

    I wonder which one uses the most batteries ?

  3. Cool Travel Blogs

    It was definitely time for that cat to be put in its place. Wonder if it will dare bother that little fish again.

  4. @Cool Travel Blogs
    Word has it that the cat ran afterwards towards the flying clown fish, as was the plan, where the feline was, of course, completely devoured. I would have liked to show you that also, but the end of the video was deemed “not appropriate for the web”, and removed to protect the children.

  5. Too funny. It was real time for that cat to be put in its place.

  6. @funny t shirts
    Karma came in the form of a shark.

  7. Its so funny, and your cat is so cute.

  8. @Pooja Singh
    Thanks Pooja, always nice to have your visits.

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