Where Rainbows Come From Shirt

Ever Wonder Where Rainbows Come From ?

Where Rainbows Come From Funny Shirt- Click Image $17.99

I have spent most of my life wondering about the real origin of rainbows, it didn’t make sense to me that light traveling through particles of water could have a “prism effect” splitting the various colors into different beams of light.

One day I came across this particular cloud which seamed more made of alcohol than water

He mumbling something about, “I will never drink again.”

“Oh please help me, just this once, I will never do it again”

And to my astonishment made this wonderful rainbow display.

This is where rainbows really come from.

There was also a little guy in green running around at the bottom of the rainbow trying to catch the gold colored light in his little pot, and ran away after sipping a bit of it shouting “You cant have me gold!”

Unfortunately I couldn’t get his picture.

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