WWF Panda Parody Shirt

WWF Panda Parody Shirt

WWF Parody Tee
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And here we have WWF taking his well deserved and rightful spot at center ring, stopping for just a moment to pose for the cameras.

Oh wait, whats this!? It looks like the previous WWF champ, Mauler, is creeping around behind the ring, what could this dastardly villain be up to? He seems to be digging around down there for something. Looks like he found a chair. Maybe he is going to offer WW a seat?

Oh no! It doesn’t look to me like he wants WW to sit, and down the chair comes, Mauler just smacked WW hard! And he is continuing to smack him over an over again, at this point I would guess the beatings will probably continue until Mauler’s morale improves. WW must feel like he’s back in China being stuffed into a firecracker by now!

What a horrible sight, sorry you were here to see this ladies and gentlemen, lets hope the kids left the room, or poor WW may not be the only one here left scarred for life.

Funny WWF Panda Shirt

4 Responses to WWF Panda Parody Shirt

  1. HA! What a fun spin on the WWF. I never realized the correlation until now, you smartypants!

  2. Hey Janene,

    There was a legal battle about a decade ago now between the World Wildlife Fund, and the Word Wrestling Federation over the acronym, WWF was awarded the the wildlife fund, and the pro wrestling group became WWE This design is inspired by the legal battle.

    I believe Banksy came up with the idea for the design, and am a huge fan of Banksy.

    I have massive amounts of respect for the World Wildlife Fund, I just thought this was a very funny joke and tried to make a short, but fitting story for it.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. As a kid, I used to love WWF and then stopped as I got older. I checked back in on my former fav pasttime and was really confused when the.logo was WWE.I might just be nostalgic but I kinda miss the old name.Thanks for retelling the story

  4. @Kyle
    I have never been able to adjust to the new name also, but I guess this generation of target audience, probably doesn’t know the difference.

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