Yahoo Directory, Is it worth it?

Well about four months ago we were accepted into the Yahoo directory. They changed the title I wanted for the website, though it was not completely butchered.

They also put us in a local directory for Canada for some reason, I guess because I paid from my Canadian bank account. I requested being moved but got no response from them, I would have to say for the $300 US I spent, that was pretty lousy service. I ended up so buried in directories that the page I am on currently has no PageRank showing, and I doubt is Indexed by Google.

On top of that Yahoo actually sends me less traffic than they used to and the traffic coming from the actual directory does not exist. Is it a complete failure? It is too soon to tell, I still have 8 more months to hopefully get noticed by Google and have my PageRank go up.

I am going to link the directory page I am on here right now and hope Google picks up on it.

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2 Responses to Yahoo Directory, Is it worth it?

  1. I believe I have started getting other links because of the Yahoo directory now, no real change in Pagerank… yet

  2. I posted this almost three years ago now, though I did not continue to pay for a listing in the Yahoo directory, they did keep me there up until now, though I don’t know if I have made my money back yet with the additional authority such a link carries, I must be getting close.

    If they continue to allow me to be listed in the directory, then I would have to say that yes, it probably is worth it.

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