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Astronaut Saturn Swing Ride T-Shirt

After these astronauts strapped themselves in front of experimental rockets which contained enough fuel to blow up some towns, then hurtled themselves at tens of thousands of miles per hour with millions of pounds thrust into space, first towards the sun, then circling the sun to increase speed tenfold for the journey across the solar system, so fast no human can focus on anything but distant stars, yet still needing to avoid various objects before the final arrival into orbit around Saturn, a once distant planet. In relation to all that, the time spent on Saturn itself was comparatively boring and uneventful.


Most days on Saturn were spent reading the same gauges, and doing the same tests, there was really not all that much to do. Until one day when the astronauts got the brilliant idea of fixing lines with hooks to some of the largest rocks in Saturn's Rings. Then the most stellar ride of spinning swings ever to exist began.
Weeeeee !