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Currancy Convertor


Randy: Uhh, yes, Officer?

Cartman: I clocked you at 40 miles an hour back there. Do you know what the speed limit is heawh?

Randy: Well, according to that sign right there, it's 40 miles an hour.

Cartman: Step out of the car, please, sir.

Randy: Wait a second. Aren't you Stan's little friend?

Cartman: Sir, step out of the car, please.

Randy:[Steps out.] Yeah. You're the one who always plugs up the toilet at our house.

Cartman: Ey! I am a cop, and you will respect my authoritah!

Randy: Yeah, right. You'd better get back to school, little boy.

Cartman: swings his nightstick at Randy's shins.

Randy: Ow!

Cartman: Get your ass to jail! He continues to swat him on the legs with the baton.

Randy: Ow! Hey, what the hell are you doing? You can't do that! Ah-ow! Ah-ow! Ow!

Cartman:[Getting carried away.] Sweet.

Randy: Ooww!

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