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Grow Up Mario Mushroom Shirt

I was sitting in my room today, perfectly happy, minding my own business, enjoying the best video game ever, when my dad rudely sticks his head in the door, just to tell me "Get a job."

I told him "I don't want a job. The world doesn't need my work, it is already producing and consuming too much stuff as it is, and any job I get will just cause more consumption and a quicker end to humanity. Do you really want me to help end humanity?"

"Grow up" said my genius dad as a counter argument.

He just doesn't seem to understands today's world. When my dad grew up, he said he played Super Mario Bros., he says it was the best game ever created, but he doesn't know, he won't even try any new games.

Sometimes I wonder if he grew up behaving too much like Mario, trying to catch and eat all those little magic mushrooms before they could run away, that was how you grew up in his day.

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